Diary Entry 5

Hello and welcome to my diary Entry number 5 a monthly diary of music based Journey, and self keeping and song writing patterns, so today i am in a good song writing mood , could of been the 2 weeks of holiday that refreshed me or just the sun shine warming my skin but either way will run with it 🙂 while it lasts , im inspired to get some great hits out there may take a year but I will succeed my goals .

Welcome all new be followers and  muso’s fans . lovely to get to know you on a daily tweet , thank you for my comments they really do keep me going and make me laugh alot sometimes so thank you for that .

The last 6 weeks since my last Diary , i have self taught myself to play piano , i am still doing it after day an hour a day to keep my fingers in tune , I play to get myself a really nice keyboard soon to as the one I am using is old dj keyboard and its piano sounds are pretty limited and not great for my hears , also when I get my computer then I can record keys and sing at some time this will help with working with producers and DJ’s and my own song writing as the guitar is lovely but I do love the sound of keys so much sends me to different places in my mind.

Also I have been updating my pages , Twitter – you tube – IG – and Linkin , also thinking about getting whats app to  but at moment kinda busy trying to stay off social media as much as possible as addictive as it is , for me its changed my life I remember sending demos to labels by post.

The last 2 weeks I have been on a road trip visiting friends and family and studios in London , And at the moment now back home I am writing 2 tracks for EDM sounding tracks which is really exciting , hoping there get released some time this year which would be nice as its been a while since releasing music .

Over the last few years i have had my energies in other places so couldn’t concentrate on music , music is kinda like its own world and its a good place when you have time and the right space for it , I’ve missed it but I was so busy I couldn’t be in it fully not as a project manager of a house build , but that is really behind me now and i feel that way to and its so nice just drifting away in sounds daily I feel blessed hearing such amazing music and to write to it makes me proud , i love twisting words on them selves I pride myself on it .

so my plans for the next few months is to write and keep writing get some really lovely sounding tracks , then I will get my computer and start recording , it was a bummer that my last computer died but i had it 10 years and it was starting to go a year ago so  its not unexpected , i really needed to update most things in my office , but now there is no  build expense I maybe able to treat myself to a few updates every now and then 🙂 the big part was building the studio , now everything else should start fitting in to place and i  have such a love for music , I will grow that love like a flower now and see how beautiful and tall it will grow .

well until the next update lets see how the next few months pan out 😉

Tc all thanks Emma x





Diary Entry 4 .


Today I am in studio clearing through things I don’t need , its been a good few weeks getting back to music, which has been creative and some what odd at times , this evening  I am also  practising songs and writing an other which is pretty much finished a twist of an environmental song I guess not totally decided yet if to take it to a darker level , i have an idea so i  may try it out or may be 2 in the making not totally decided yet , that’s how it goes sometimes with song writing for me anyways …

I love writing songs and its good practise to keep at it , through the build I did have my headphones on and sang, but its not quite the same I need my own space to go wild in sounds,  I have dig out an old DJx keyboard i brought about 17 years ago so playing around with that too at moment , as I will have to wait to get my computer and update my studio equipment  , its a good time to reflect and write songs ready .

Thank you to everyone who has connected me in the last week , i will get back to you and your requests its been so nice to reconnect with people and fans , and welcome to all the newbies 😉 if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask , happy to reply as and when I can

Office plan

So I pretty much need everything , but gonna start small and work my way up , its been quite an experience building the office and a year from now things will be very different so i must stay grounded and be patient

Today I brought myself a black out blind for studio, so very  excited as can not work in clinical light lol, i hope that is up this weekend so I can start doing some more filming and live talks which would be nice and a bit more interactive with you all ! As much as i like seeing the sky the light is not helping the creative flow … can’t to be in the dark lol haha

Lyrics to Oblivion have been written out under you tube video if you want to read them , I know some of you really like to see them , specially those who do not speak English .

Oblivion – Emma Lock – New Song

Right well I be on my busy way now , going to take some pictures of myself wrapped up in old leads before I recycle them that could be a good photo for the environmental track , interesting oh what fun there is to be had with a bit of rubbish , i may make an art piece for my studio wall actually not totally decided yet , either way it will be fun .

Back again soon Cheers Emma Lock




Diary Entry 3 …. 2019

wow where does the time go , its been 2 years since i have written my Diary entry on website and i do apologise, i did not think things would take quite as long as they did , but there you go ….

So in the last  years I built my studio , this was a dirty dusty crazy few years of planning and building organising and taking up many man hours , so music has not been on the for front of activities but i have been doing it so i can work so i guess the break was worth it

Since getting back to music in the last few weeks , i have decided to update all my equipment to go in my new room, so this is another slow process before recording got to get my head around everything so at moment writing songs on Guitar and getting myself ready for that which should be this September so I am very excited about getting my new computer and updating everything, considering I have waited 2 years I can wait another 6 months easy and it will go ever so quick I am sure.

So in the evenings over the last 2 weeks written 6 tracks , one of which I preformed on you tube yesterday , here it is link below

Oblivion – Emma Lock

I will write out Lyrics later .


I pop in and update a bit more now that I am in my office catch you soon !!

Cheers Emma Lock x



Diary Entry 2

Diary week 2

Well it’s been a long week here for me, there is a delay in my diary because, I  have been really busy this week with lots of other tasks, that’s the thing with music it kind of has its place in my life but this week it’s not really been on my full attention ,although I did clear my office /studio this week and ordered myself a new tablet as for 2 years been doing most things on my phone and I am sure it’s starting to affect my eye sight ! So I am really looking forward to setting it up and sorting all sites out as working on a phone is really hard to work out everything! I cleared my laptop that I’ve had for about 6 years and gave it to a friend , looking through all the things I’ve  done and material things I have in my office  in the loft, is like going back in time,  it’s strange now how wires / leads / cds have all become almost redundant. what do you do with all these things? Make some crazy wall art or something i guess lol 😉

I have not got the heart to throw them away at moment, so there they sit waiting to be decided on , but I will have another clear out ,when I update my music computers some time maybe this year does depend on finances really and at the moment it’s not broken so why get something new, with a studio office build in front of me next year others things come first and with a year in the planning nice now to have a builder , so I am seriously excited about this starting in march, I’ve worked hard for this can’t wait to see myself in my new office by summer 2018 wow , better than sitting in rubble which has been the last year !

Song writing has been on my mind 10 to a dozen this week , I really sometimes beat myself up for hours as I miss creating, I miss working with people and I miss myself and I miss travelling  , its so easy for life to just take you away from your art , through illness/ work for money/ tiredness / winter weather / you could use every excuses under the sun ,so sometimes I study artists in the art fields , people who just make art everywhere and this keeps my spirits high , thinking that there will be a time I can concentrate, but that time is not now, you just can’t do  everything at once ,so in the meantime I do what I need to do and try not to get depressed or run down by it and keep positive for the future I guess that’s how I’ve always been, there is a book I read years ago I think it was called photology but don’t hold me to it , it was about visualising your dreams seeing yourself somewhere and then creating a pass to proceed it and forgive the people who are damaging or forgive yourself for being a nuance to others if indeed you are let and known you never wanted to be   , we are but only one person with only so many hours of one day , I sometimes think robotic it’s the only way to dampen the creative flow because I can’t always leave that door open .

Also coming up this week I will be announcing some news on the publication of my stepping stones album that is available for download on itunes ,  so keep a watch out for this on my website and other sites … there could be a trip to the USA planned in the near future this I am excited about I’ve never made it west of the world yet !

I have many friends there though so may even go there anyways sometime ,but so many other things in front of me at moment a total upheaval of building works… but it will be worth it to sit in my office.. I already am thinking how I will set up, I will have a thinking wall for new songs and plans and maybe a little live lounge stage that would be fun ! I take some pictures before and after and when it all starts but its not that exciting taking pictures of builders bums , well some fun for some ! !

So that was my week really just a normal week of paper work and organising as well as moments of writing songs , working on one at the moment but I can’t tell you the title as it would kind of give it away what the songs about , think maybe today I get my guitar and write the lot as well as play around with my new Tablet , taking pictures and filming with it , such a better quality than my phone and laptop so thrilled , here are some pictures of my morning walk  that I took with my phone the beauty of the end of November

Cheers To all new followers and hope you all have a lovely week until next write up next week. Emma Lock ! X

Diary Entry 1

Diary Entry 1


So I have been pondering about writing my musical diary for a while now and have decided with much consideration to publish my musical journey now rules, number 1 was keep everything about music well this is easier said than done! But everything I do deliver apart from my family to do with my art and music so how do I follow and keep within the rules that I set myself?

So I will try my best to not cross the lines. So where do I start? What do you want to know?


I’ll start with today that’s a good place to start, every day at the moment I plan to work on music! I plan to write songs, I plan to look at all the songs that I have, I plan to write albums as I can write many song. Being a prolific songwriter I don’t really need to try very hard to write but I do know I need to practice, practice makes perfect and even if it’s writing a few notes that it’s always helpful to focus the mind on work. So sometimes I sit in the studio and I just write whatever comes into my head at the time.

Sometimes I sit in the studio and listening to old tracks and wondered to myself if I can do any better then I think of course I can I just need the right track and the right time and the right producer.


The world of music for me is a beautiful place and escapism and excitement journey places I can go my mind these places that I go to take time to get to them, sometimes I just don’t have the time, Yet sometimes I choose not to go to those places, sometimes I think that maybe it’s because I can’t be doing with the emotions or that I’m tired from the days work, sometimes I think it’s hiding to nothing. This pointless process but then sometimes working towards something even if it’s something small can really be beneficial to your life and in the future to others as music has always helped people in many ways, whether it’s just today and expressing emotion or to dance with friends I always hope that my music reaches people in one way or another.

So I have found this app that can convert me talking into text so now I can talk  to you, I can really express how I’m feeling and what I really want to say, this is going to be really helpful when I’m in the studio writing songs on the guitar because sometimes I write words that is so magical and within seconds the lost this can be tragic and very frustrating because some lyrics are just so magical and I cannot dig them back out of me as much as I try to re-sing a song or backtrack some of the words that I had written down is lost forever in this darkness that even light cannot reach.

BROKEN SLEEP – Remix Album

Hi all – Here are a few tracks in video format to listen to and share with your friends hope you enjoy them like we do – Lyrics will come soon to help translation !

Emma Locks favourite is – Temple of Dreams ( Daraspa Remix )

Let us know what you think Cheers Admin

Album Release – BROKEN SLEEP


Announcement of  the official release of my remix album BROKEN SLEEP. Emma LockErik Vanspauwen and Christophe Chantzis are delighted to have 13 of our songs remixed by some of the coolest producers in the underground scene. A big thank you to NamatjiraAntti RasiDJ Jaap LigthartHot TuneiKМichael AkulichYuntaDustin NantaisTravis MacDonaldBeat SyndromeDaraspaMaxi IborquizaLucas RossiDJ Beat2Dominique HeyninckMitch Alexander and everybody involved in the release of this masterpiece.

Check out the tracks on Beatport :


In 2 weeks (Broken Sleep) Album  will be available on most download stores so download, tell your friends and enjoy

Thanks for the support !

Album Release 28th of November 2016

Remix Album of ( Broken Sleep Released 28th of November 2016 )

Press Photos



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