Just stopped by here to do some updates , I am in studio at the moment having a good look through music and quite enjoying it , Hope your all doing ok Much love Emma

Release day !

Neava and Emma Lock – Catch me ( Emegent cities – Emegent music label )

Neava and Emma Lock – Strangers ( Alter Ego records )

10th of may 2021 released both on same day

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Catch Me from Emergent Cities on Beatport

Strangers from Alter Ego Progressive on Beatport

Neava and Emma Lock – Catch me

Released 10th of may 2021

Emergent music label

Neava and Emma Lock – Strangers (video clip)

Release date 10th of may 2021

Alter Ego Records !

Neava and Emma Lock – Strangers

Neava and Emma Lock – Strangers

Released 10th of may 2021 by Alter Ego Records


Pittarius code feat Emma Lock – Liebe Dich release soon

Pittarius Code and Emma Lock – Liebe Dich

Released 4th of January 2021

Label – entrancingmusic

Daniel Wanrooy and Emma Lock – Echo Chamber


Daniel Wanrroy and Emma Lock – Echo Chamber out now with dance push Label

Been supported by SirisusXm satellite RadioΒ  and Hardwell with track remix from Alex Kenji


Thank you for support and really happy you like the track πŸ™‚

New track ..

New Track released this Monday will update with news soon πŸ™‚

Studio Ready


Hello there its nearly the end of the year but I did it , I set up office ready for music work …. Its been a very busy year of work for me even though the build finished 7 months ago , it has been almost more work in the aftermaths of the destruction . trying to work out how to pull myself back into music has been a challenge as its been a while since I have been working on anything and sometimes in your mind things seem easier than they actually are , so I started in later September by ordering computer and setting myself up in the swing of 2010 , now I was on 2005 so its been a massive leap but I am loving it now , hours of working everything out and downloading apps and installing all very new to me haha

Then after much considation I moved rooms , the skylight in the other room was far to light for me and my creativity i like a cave , moving into a very pink room wasn’t ideal so this week I have painted it and cleared out anything I do not need anymore which has been very nice for the mood , I feel now I have a good space to work finally and the tools to do this now the hard work begins

so even though I have been indecisive about my space and very busy in other elements of my live , I have been writing to Ive written 5 new songs ready for recording and sending out to publishers and pop/film producers so if anyone out there in music wanna hear them give me a shout there really great I am pretty pleased with them lyrically

Also I have been working on a few trance tracks and EDM style musical tracks to just waiting on feedback so things are getting exciting so shouldn’t be too much longer that your hear some music from me and also over next few weeks your probably see me in my studio in action on you tube so say hiΒ  πŸ™‚

Song teaser …  (love me)

clouds gather with in my mind like a storm – it gets dark sometimes before it rains , the suns sits defiant in the summer sky , I wish you were here with me

Take Care Emma x