Diary Entry 1

Diary Entry 1


So I have been pondering about writing my musical diary for a while now and have decided with much consideration to publish my musical journey now rules, number 1 was keep everything about music well this is easier said than done! But everything I do deliver apart from my family to do with my art and music so how do I follow and keep within the rules that I set myself?

So I will try my best to not cross the lines. So where do I start? What do you want to know?


I’ll start with today that’s a good place to start, every day at the moment I plan to work on music! I plan to write songs, I plan to look at all the songs that I have, I plan to write albums as I can write many song. Being a prolific songwriter I don’t really need to try very hard to write but I do know I need to practice, practice makes perfect and even if it’s writing a few notes that it’s always helpful to focus the mind on work. So sometimes I sit in the studio and I just write whatever comes into my head at the time.

Sometimes I sit in the studio and listening to old tracks and wondered to myself if I can do any better then I think of course I can I just need the right track and the right time and the right producer.


The world of music for me is a beautiful place and escapism and excitement journey places I can go my mind these places that I go to take time to get to them, sometimes I just don’t have the time, Yet sometimes I choose not to go to those places, sometimes I think that maybe it’s because I can’t be doing with the emotions or that I’m tired from the days work, sometimes I think it’s hiding to nothing. This pointless process but then sometimes working towards something even if it’s something small can really be beneficial to your life and in the future to others as music has always helped people in many ways, whether it’s just today and expressing emotion or to dance with friends I always hope that my music reaches people in one way or another.

So I have found this app that can convert me talking into text so now I can talk  to you, I can really express how I’m feeling and what I really want to say, this is going to be really helpful when I’m in the studio writing songs on the guitar because sometimes I write words that is so magical and within seconds the lost this can be tragic and very frustrating because some lyrics are just so magical and I cannot dig them back out of me as much as I try to re-sing a song or backtrack some of the words that I had written down is lost forever in this darkness that even light cannot reach.

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