Diary Entry 4 .


Today I am in studio clearing through things I don’t need , its been a good few weeks getting back to music, which has been creative and some what odd at times , this evening  I am also  practising songs and writing an other which is pretty much finished a twist of an environmental song I guess not totally decided yet if to take it to a darker level , i have an idea so i  may try it out or may be 2 in the making not totally decided yet , that’s how it goes sometimes with song writing for me anyways …

I love writing songs and its good practise to keep at it , through the build I did have my headphones on and sang, but its not quite the same I need my own space to go wild in sounds,  I have dig out an old DJx keyboard i brought about 17 years ago so playing around with that too at moment , as I will have to wait to get my computer and update my studio equipment  , its a good time to reflect and write songs ready .

Thank you to everyone who has connected me in the last week , i will get back to you and your requests its been so nice to reconnect with people and fans , and welcome to all the newbies 😉 if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask , happy to reply as and when I can

Office plan

So I pretty much need everything , but gonna start small and work my way up , its been quite an experience building the office and a year from now things will be very different so i must stay grounded and be patient

Today I brought myself a black out blind for studio, so very  excited as can not work in clinical light lol, i hope that is up this weekend so I can start doing some more filming and live talks which would be nice and a bit more interactive with you all ! As much as i like seeing the sky the light is not helping the creative flow … can’t to be in the dark lol haha

Lyrics to Oblivion have been written out under you tube video if you want to read them , I know some of you really like to see them , specially those who do not speak English .

Oblivion – Emma Lock – New Song

Right well I be on my busy way now , going to take some pictures of myself wrapped up in old leads before I recycle them that could be a good photo for the environmental track , interesting oh what fun there is to be had with a bit of rubbish , i may make an art piece for my studio wall actually not totally decided yet , either way it will be fun .

Back again soon Cheers Emma Lock




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