Diary Entry 5, Blazing June

Happy Summer solstice has come and gone and we are now in the realms of summer, After a few weeks of sickness bugs and not being able to fiction  this has taken a great turn for the better , Over the last few weeks I have been writing to trap music online , I’ve come up with some great songs , Oblivion – Cry Baby – Kisses of Death and a few more that I am keeping for production later on down the line this year  , Oblivion can be found on my you tube channel as well as Cry Baby – recorded at home with mobile phone and amps guitar and vocals just a teaser of what the track could become when produced one day.

its been tricky as I have been writing and not singing in and out of the energy of illness so its not been very much but that is over now and I am gladly on the way to recovery , didn’t think I’d escape the darkness but it makes you appreciate moments more , also a few friends helped me through it which has been lovely, so today will sing my little heart out and finish some of these tracks finally , 3 weeks is a long time to feel rubbish but now on the bright side have more inspiration to write kinda unbelievable i wrote some good tracks within that time , guess I was escaping in my mind.

Alot has changed over the last few weeks , there has been a shift in my emotions towards music , I am still very much stuck at the moment as I don’t have my music computer at this time and plan to get one in September so this has given me grace to really reflect on what I want , what my fans want and what my soul wants to create  , a time to reflect and its not always easy making decisions on what to do , so i let the music guide me more.

I listened to a few hours of trance mixes last night, some really lovely tracks really zoned in to it it was nice , watched more trap videos and commercial tracks , i think part of me is so torn on what I like and what actually comes out  anyways i guess that is just the fun of learning about your craft

I brought myself a English Thesaurus yesterday its sitting under my interface , will spend hours in that book soon , cant wait to look at the words and see how they can sit next to another word , I am so inspired at the moment partly because i am well now but also because i am far away from that house build I had , I’m now getting into a routine of work patterns and not having destruction around me day and night , theirs one picture in my album of a building site right through my house , you don’t release how this can effect you so much to every degree, so now there is peace and reflection time and time , although I start my summer work soon so will have to go on hold for a month before back to music , this I hope is not to upsetting for my creativity

I will be working with a few producers in September and should be releasing some music by the end of the year which is so exciting , will have to get my head around the new version of cubase  which is going to be fun I guess its not to dis similar that my old one !

Well above is information of new remix released so check it out  Cheers Emma x



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