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Emma Lock started her  music career at a young age after realising she had a gift for music and song writing , Emma started to pursue a career in the music industry  as a young girl with no mobile phones or internet , Emma would create songs on guitar and work with musicians in her local area creating tracks, after having local radio support she decided to start recording music and sending tapes/ CD’s to talent scouts and Record companies.

Emma Lock would gig and perform at local jam nights and pubs and clubs and try to be part of any festival or musical event going.

Emma spend a lot of her time reading the stage newspaper she had it on order in her little town as there wasn’t a whsmiths and NME  magazing looking at auditions and acts wanted, Emma would get gigs with other musicians supporting them , in her teens Emma Lock got invited to support a band at the time called hubboard and she travelled across the sea to perform live with them in festivals infront of hundreds of people , after this experience Emma decided this is what she wanted to be a Artist a singer song writer and gig and become successful , so she went back home to the drawing board and started writing song after song and decided it would be a good idea to get a demo together of her songs

After a live performance at a bar the radio in her area asked her to do a live lounge interview , A studio called sw4 at the time heard the interview and asked Emma to come and record a track with them.

Emma had never been in a studio before, the producers were really nice and asked Emma to sing some songs to them , after hearing Emma Sing they asked her if she would like them to record a single for her , Emma Agreed the song was called ‘pickle’


The producers introduced her to the joys of music equipment and it made Emma’s eyes light up to hear a flat sounding acoustic old guitar be pumped through speakers and give a banging full of live sound made Emma inspired from that moment on Emma heard herself in a whole new light and fell in love with the idea that she actually could become an artist like the best of them out there at the time

It took a few months to receive the Demo , as the studio was busy with pop projects, once Emma had the demo she started to promote the track by sending it to labels, radio stations , not having the internet in those days everything was so much slower, most things were through post and newspapers – sometimes landline connection it was pretty hard to become anything in the days of no internet , you became something in your local area and through working with people , Nothing really came out of the demo so Emma became frustrated and after a bad relationship spent a year alone at home writing songs and getting though each day with the ideas running through her head but no platform to express herself

Emma eventually started going to jam nights again and meet musicians and made new friends, they started building her up again and making her focus on her music after some crazy days and partyful nights Emma set up a band called Siemengaged this was all the band memebers names seemed cool idea at the time .

It was a band of Emma Lock on vocals musician violin and  DJ playing drum and bass ,they created an amazing sound ! They gigged all over the south west covering the biggest festivals such as Board masters and Plymouh coliseum things were looking great and had amazing management but sadly after a wonderful gig one of the members didn’t want to be live anymore and wanted to work in studios

Emma decided to become a soloist , after such an amazing time gigging all over the place in various festivals and venues , its almost breaking having to start from rock bottom alone


Emma Applied for various funding awards  with her demos and experience of song writing and got a award from The princes Trust and other organisations to help herself and musicians succeed and she feels she has done this in many ways through working connections and gigs and musical workshops also The princes Trust sent her on a musicians week work shop which helped her confidence too, Now having the tools to start again Emma worked 6 months day and night in two jobs to pay for her album to be recorded in a studio, this album was called 31


This is Emma’s first ever Album created it has 13 songs on ( this has not been released on the internet as its very old and out dated and also a bit of a rambling mess of words , but Emma did take 3 songs of it and recreated them for the album stepping stones later released on iTunes )

Emma Lock recorded this album 31 in one day it was one busy day of putting all parts live and producing them together very exciting Emma now had an album a CD

I say a CD because back then CD’s were like gold dust, Emma didn’t even have a cd player she had to buy one to listen to it !

Emma sold many Cd’s that she hand made at gigs so someone out there has a copy and from the money made invested it in musicial equipment to learn to record herself, slowly slowly learning more each day, Emma has a soft spot for technology she is very geeky really and loves being in her or anyone else’s studio for hours, watching and listening and learning , so she makes a great addition to working environments.

The world of the internet was taking the planet by storm Emma brought her first mobile phone and was wiring up internet in her house

As much as Album 31 was great , Emma wasn’t very happy with it , it sounded very folky and it wasn’t showing her as she wanted to be seen, Emma Lock does not like being pigeon holed , she is an artist and she almost freestyles tracks that are sent to her in many styles from pop – trance – EDM – county – Drum and bass whatever it is Emma makes it her own , Emma Lock does all of them she can adapt to any style of music !

Emma was getting frustrated gigs were hard when singing her own music so she thought maybe it would be better to become a cover singer to get gigs to fund the music she really wanted to do , so off she went to all the Entertainment agencies meeting all the bosses and started getting booked and meet Chris Morris from the band Paper Lace , Emma was getting some Backing tracks created for her and he said you need to meet Gary Williams so Emma waited till he arrived as soon as he walked through the door Emma know she was in the right place, Emma explains it as finding gold or happiness a bliss feeling of being relaxed, to cut a long story a bit shorter , Gary , Chris and Emma started working together.

Gary taught Emma Like a master teaches his student all about Cubase and vocal programmes , recording in studio with different mics , they had the state of the art studio , they had a perfect professional fun relationship, the world of the internet was bleeding in and Emma had startedto build a fan base on myspace ( this site no longer exists btw ) night and day working hard promoting music while learning to produce music and record , it started by the thought of creating a single then a demo for label and then a 10 track album called Stepping stones , Emma was finding herself in the music , what she really liked singing where and what she found difficult and Gary helped her understand how to use your voice to fight these battles , After a year of work the album was Born , Stepping stones .


Once Emma had the album in CD format she started promoting her album with her friends Simons help to get festivals gigs and theatre venues , Emma was one of the first Unsigned Artists to release music on the internet on iTunes though AWAL – artist without a label  , also the album was reviewed by THE RECORD COLLECTOR magazine and played on radio , Emma started gigging again with a band that she set up , and created a new album of songs , then Emma Lock was contacted by Remixes and they asked to remix TRANSINDENTAL a track from her album , everyone was drawn to this track ,Although Emma like  the track Autumn, Emma realised the people somewhat choose the music, Emma and Gary Williams agreed for the tracks to be remixed and released – These Producers are called OSTLAN – Michael Bachmeier, Gary Williams and Emma Lock worked on a few other singles for iTunes , and in the meantime Emma Lock started working on a music video to promote the Album , Having lack of finances Emma went searching out a student at a college to take on the video as part of their project to Emma’s surprise the Teacher of the student was the lead singer of THE HUMAN LEAGUE and he got involved in creating the video which you can find on you tube.

After releasing and hearing the remixes Emma decided that it maybe a good idea to start working in the EDM scene and sing with DJ’S as she has had so much experience preforming with DJ’s and being at festivals it kinda made sense , Emma started sending the Remixes across the internet , she spent one week emailing many producers and Dj’s a few months past and no reply’s, so Emma spent another week re contacting all the people see had researched and emailed , week later she had two reply’s with in the same week – Judge Jules and Lisa Lashes , Emma worked hard on create songs and within a few months Emma had her first label release and not long after her second release –

Lisa Lashes Feat Emma Lock – Overloaded


Mass Motion Feat Emma Lock – Undisputed Love – Written by Judge Jules


Undisputed Love

with 2 well respected Dj’s in the music industry , there nothing more exciting than succeeding Emma says , to her reaching a goal brings happiness

Emma started contacted other DJ’s but was struggling in singing to dance music , when you work on your own its very hard to know where your going wrong , Emma got sent amazing tracks from top industry professionals and she just couldn’t understand where to sing in them, Emma said it was like hitting your head against a wall you have all these ideas and nowhere to put them, Emma was almost at the breaking point and thinking of giving up on EDM ,when she met Producer and DJ David Moralee.

 Emma at the time was working with Warner producers in Italy and working for TV programme in Swaziland, promoting her album and trying to break into an industry by being able to sing in the way the industry required, David Moralee asked to talk to Emma Lock on the phone  , they got instantly and started working together , over time David helped Emma to learn how to sing in EDM by working together as a team on tracks over a couple of months they released their first track

David Moralee and Emma Lock – Love Remains  released on +mas music and they created video too


Then out of the blue Emma Lock got contacted by Beat Service from the trance scene , Emma had no idea what the trance scene was , she had never heard of  trance music before, but thought yeah why not , putting into practise what she now knew they created

Beat Service feat Emma Lock – Hiding to nothing

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It got released by Black Hole recording , At this time Emma Lock had no idea of the journey ahead of her , wow from this first track Emma Lock worked with and got supported by  Armin Van Burren, Paul Oakenfold , Paul Van Dyk, ATB, Judge Jules, Sander Van Doorn, George Acosta ,Ferry Corsten, Andy Moor, Alpha Duo and James Kicher, Lisa Lashes, Markus Schulz, si paul, lee Haslam, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Ben Nicky, Beat service, Shogun , Ronnski Speed, DJ Feel, Antillus, David morale, Steve Kaetzel Rake Rake ,Benya, Mark Pledger , Fabio XB, Maestro , Don Jackson, D-mad , Ian Van Dahl and John Wood (Photos) Eddie Strokes and many many more producers and musicians /DJ’S

Working with record companies – Armada Music – Black hole recordings – spinnin Record – Lange recordings- Vand it – +mas music – Billboard charts Emma Lock has had 2 number 1’s in Beat port reached the top 10 time and time again , reaching number 13 on Billboard chart

Emma Lock has had lots of kind of support from other vocalists – Artists and companies such as VSA , Radio 1, BBC , Trance radio – state of trance and many many more

Emma Lock has also gigged all over the world alongside DJ’s visited many beautiful places and meet lovely people after a wonderful journey creating amazing songs and building an amazing loving FAN BASE …


Emma lock has just released her Remix Album – Broken sleep with Producers from Ian Van Dahl and is now starting to return to studio to release songs soon in 2017 …3av025lp-emma-lock-broken-sleep-remix-album

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