Stepping stones Album iTunes – written with Gary William (acoustic pop ) self release + singles – spiral and Pistols at dawn

Mass Motion Feat Emma Lock – Undisputed Love – written by Judge Jules

Lisa Lashes Feat Emma Lock – Overloaded ( Lashedltd)

Beat Service feat Emma Lock – Hiding to Nothing ( Black Hole recordings )

Beat Service Feat Emma Lock – Cut and Run (Armada)

Shogun Feat Emma Lock – Save me (Armada)

Shogun Feat Emma Lock – Imprisoned (Armada)

Shogun Feat Emma Lock – Run To my Rescue ( Armada)

Untidy Dubs Feat Emma Lock – Fine Night Cover – Emma Lock ( Tidy Tracks )

Dirkie Coetzee feat Emma Lock – Never looking back ( Subtraz )

Giuseppe Ottaviani and Walsh&McAuley Feat Emma Lock – Ready ( Vandit )

Beat Service Feat Emma Lock – Not Out ( Armada ) – Video ( Armada )

Pedro Del Mar Feat Emma Lock – Guilty ( Shah Music )

Alpha Duo and James Kitcher Feat Emma Lock – Beauitful dream ( Omerga recording )

George Acosta Feat Emma Lock – Fallen Deep ( Black Hole recordings )

George Acosta Feat Emma Lock – Never Fear ( Black Hole Recordings )

Benya Feat Emma Lock – Loved to be Loved ( Infusion Recordings )

David Moralee and Emma Lock – Fallow ( World digital release ) + VIDEO

David Moralee Feat Emma Lock – Love remains (+ Mas Music) +video

Lee Haslam Feat Emma Lock – Beautful places ( Black Hole Recordings )

N’Heaven Feat Emma Lock – Destiny ( Factual Records )

Ronski Speed Feat Emma Lock – U got me

D-mad Feat Emma Lock – I love indigo ( spinnin Recordings )

D-mad Feat Emma Lock – Counting on love ( Afterglow Recordings )

Vincent de Jagar Feat Emma Lock – Dive ( Big in Ibiza )

Alex Kunnari feat Emma Lock – you and me ( Black hole recordings )

DJ Feel feat Emma Lock – Without you ( Spinnin recordings )

Daniel Wanrooy Feat Emma Lock – Living it up ( Black hole recordings )

Michael Beltran feat Aeon Flux and Emma Lock – Empathy

Steve Kaetzel and Johnny monsoon Feat Emma Lock – Winter ( Black hole Recordings )

Marc Simz Feat Emma Lock – Angels ( Black hole Recordings )

Marc Simz feat. Singer Emma Lock – Untimate Love ( Future Focus Recordings )

Mark Khoen & Emma Lock – Nikita Lily (Ghost Flower Records ) Release 18th of May 2013

Rake Feat Emma Lock – Live the Dream ( Fabio XB Remix /Melodika Records) Released 5th August 2013

Steve Kaetzel Feat Emma Lock -I loved you ( Black Hole recordings ) Released 12th August

Mark Khoen & Emma Lock – Something in you ( Ghost Flower Records ) Released September 2013

Marc simz feat Emma Lock – Untimate Love (Future Focus Recordings ) 2014

Shogun feat Emma Lock fly away ( Armada Music ) 2014

Tucandeo & Smart Apes feat. Emma Lock – Illuminate (Original Mix) Future Focus Recordings 2014

Marc simz feat Emma Lock – Angels ( Black hole Recordings ) 2014

Fabio XB &Yves delacroix feat Emma Lock – Love is Lost ( Lange recordings ) 2014

Roman Messer Feat Emma Lock – Lights ( suanda music ) 2015

Alexander Turok & Emma Lock – No Ordinary Day (2RockRecordings 2016)

Emma Lock Remix Album – Broken Sleep ( sound avenue ) Beatport 2017

Shogun feat Emma Lock – Save me remix ( Ciaran McAuley Remix ) Armada 2019

Daniel wanrooy feat Emma Lock – Echo Chamber – ( dancepush ) 2020

6 thoughts on “Releases

  1. raphael lallu says:

    Dear Miss Lock

    I am so honored and humbled to now be a fan too. By chance i came across your music while browsing the net for new vocal upliftment trance and that is when i found the song you did with Shogun, Saved Me. Ooh it blew me away, the beauty of your voice and the lyrics moved my heart and as a song of love, for me it as beautiful if not more stunning, than Oceanlab’s hit, Siren of the sea. May God always bless your amazing voice and i am now an absolute fan. Save me is my new favorite song, thank you.


    Raphael Lally
    South Africa

  2. Thank you very much πŸ™‚ really pleased you enjoy and love Save me πŸ™‚

  3. Ahmed Elgameel says:

    Hey Emma,
    I can’t express enough how much I love your songs especially Save Me; thanks to this video on youtube: which I cant stop replay it again and again for weeks now!

    All the best!
    ─ Ahmed Elgameel
    6th of October,

  4. Roman says:

    Very nice voice this singer, I want to listen and listen to her songs.
    P.S. Write through the translator.

  5. My favourite singer in the world thankyou Emma LOck..x

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