Emma works with studio’s in her local area and also travels to studio’s in London , she has her own studio in her house which she can record and write songs , Emma understands music , she is highly experienced in writing songs and playing guitar at present learning piano and music software. Emma works in a stature of verse – chorus- verse – middle 8 chorus – so a lot of her songs written will be quite wordy , she likes her songs to have meaning and writes about many subjects, love – vampires –  sex – depression – war – the world – politics – the weather – nature – tears – stars – the past – dreams  most tracks are taken by the inspiration of the track , she is a poet , she see’s the world in musical art way , Emma loves watching films its a great inspiration for her and she draws inspiration from many things but mostly loves music and beats it frees her , being in the music is a freedom state .so she waits for the right tracks and the right producers to work with . She is looking for music challenges and wants to create massive mean stream tracks …..


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